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Data Control

 Oracle 11g
 SQL Server 2012/2008 R2
 Data Architecture

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 Agile Patterns
 Needs Analysis
 DFD Generation

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Creative Problem Solving


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About Me

My name is Brandon, and I’m a fast, lifelong learner. I enjoy pushing the limits of what I’m capable of performing, primarily in terms of mental obstacles, though I WILL someday be able to dunk a full-height basketball hoop (only 3 inches of jump height to go!). I have far too many passions for my free time, but a shortlist of them: movies and TV shows; hiking and walking; swimming; pick-up games of nearly any sport; playing trivia games with big groups of friends; sunsets, sunrises, mid-days, rainy days; listening to the sound my cat makes when she sees a squirrel out the window; discussing business tactics; and eating out at local restaurants with my girlfriend, Kate.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with the fantastically talented team at Onpoint Health Data as a Systems Analyst, providing great opportunities and challenges on a daily basis. We handle data from a massive array of payers throughout the country, processing all formats and securing transmission, ETL processes, storage, and full analytic packages. We also act in consulting roles for state and APCD systems, and actively engage our communities to increase awareness regarding the many health care concerns today.

I live in Maine, a wonderful state of extremes in temperature, gas prices, and politics; it also happens to have some of the most beautiful areas in the US, such as Acadia National Park, for delightful diversions.


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